Find a Commercial Real Estate Agent that Fits Your Business

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Commercial Real Estate

Find a Commercial Real Estate Agent that Fits Your Business

Are you looking to lease space for your business? It’s important to know what type of space fits your needs. More importantly, how a good commercial real estate agent plays a role in your success. A commercial real estate agent who doesn’t care about the success of your business, is an agent who doesn’t care about you. Here’s a few key factors that signify a good fit for your potential real estate agent.

What to Look For

  1. Experience – The most obvious trait the ideal Commercial Real Estate Agent should have is experience. An agent who has fewer years of experience in the business or in the area will have less expertise to offer you and your business.
  2. Knowledge – Along with experience, your Commercial Real Estate Agent should have a high degree of knowledge and understanding of your market relative to the local area and a specialization in the specific type of property you are leasing (i.e.retail, office, etc.). It’s important for you to understand the market as well!
  3. Tenants – It seems silly to say, but you want a Commercial Real Estate Agent who HAS tenants successfully doing business in great spaces. Further, what do those current tenants have to say about their agent?
  4. Motivation – There’s plenty of agents that won’t even return a phone call or are unwilling to adapt to their tenants’ needs. This is a giant red flag! You want someone who cares and is motivated to work with you.

Dominion Advisory Group, Inc.’s tenant advisory services are provided with the mission of offering corporate clientele the unique opportunity to outsource facilities assignments through a single point of contact as directed by seasoned professionals, with an average of over twenty years’ experience per agent/broker, in the commercial real estate industry.

Understanding the business from an ownership and development side allows Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. tremendous insight into tenant representation and site selection. We have the development experience to understand the big picture rather than just to find a site or a space in a shopping center operating as a broker.

This article was posted on June 3, 2018 in Commercial Real Estate.